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WorldCIST'24 - 12nd World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

Full Program

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Tuesday, 26 March 2024
(Major)Session Chair: Aneta Poniszewska-Marańda, Local Organizing Chair, Lodz University of Technology, Poland

Krzysztof Jóżwik, Rector, Lodz University of Technology, Poland

Adam Wojciechowski, Dean of the Faculty of Technical Physics, Information Technology and Applied Mathematics, Lodz University of Technology, Poland

Álvaro Rocha, General Chair, University of Lisbon, Portugal

Fernando Moreira, Workshops Chair, Portucalense University, Portugal

Janusz Kacprzyk, Keynote Speaker, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw School of Information Technology, Poland. Talk: "Information systems and complex decision problems: it is (almost all) about humans"

Paulo Novais, Keynote Speaker, University of Minho, Portugal. Talk: "Creating systems that are smarter, more intuitive, and easier to understand"

Session Chair: Sami Habib

4136. NLP in requirements processing: A content analysis based systematic literature mapping
Bell Manrique, Eidher Julián Cadavid and Fernando Moreira

5404. Oracles in Blockchain architectures: A literature review on their implementation in complex multi-organizational processes
Xavier Gutierrez and José Herrera


37. Exploiting Physarum-Inspired Vacant Particle Transport Model To Redesign An Enterprise NetworkSami Habib; PaulvannaNayaki Marimuthu104. Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Systems Based On Deep Learning: An Experimental StudyEddy Pardo; Priscila Valdiviezo-Diaz; Luis Barba-Guamán; Janneth Chicaiza105. Implementing Scaled Agile Framework Methodology Principles In The Quality Assurance ProcessRaul Ionut Riti; Andreea Ionica; Monica Leba124. Using Knowledge Graph and Kd-Tree Random Forest For Image RetrievalNguyen Thi Dinh; Thanh Manh Le; Thanh The Van133. The State of Smalltalk To Java Transformation: Approaches ReviewMarek Bělohoubek; Robert Pergl165. A Self-Adaptive Hpl-Based Benchmark With Dynamic Task Parallelism For Multicore SystemsCassiano Rista; Marcelo Teixeira; Mauro Fonseca Fonseca174. Approach To The Consumption of Fake News. The Case of EcuadorAbel Suing; Kruzkaya Ordóñez; Maria Isabel Punin186. Innovation of The Logistics Process of Grupo Logistico Especializado S.a.s. Through The Development and Implementation of The Agile PlatformCARLOS HERNAN FAJARDO TORO; Sandra Rodríguez Ardila
Session Chair: Adam Wojciechowski12. Choosing A Data Model For A Data Warehouse From A Non-Experienced End-User PerspectiveLizani Botha; Estelle Taylor23. Analysis of The Impact of Orthogonality In The Readability of The Obo Foundry OntologiesFrancisco Javier Redondo Aniorte; Francisco Abad Navarro; Jesualdo Tomás Fernández Breis24. Boats Imagery Classification Using Deep LearningDUMITRU ABRUDAN; Ana-Maria Claudia Dragulinescu; Nicolae Vizireanu25. Mitec Model For Talent Management To Small and Medium Enterprises Develop With Design Science ResearchRicardo Perpétuo; Gabriel Pestana41. Middle Management, Higher Education and Open Innovation: A Systematic Review of Qualitative LiteratureMilton Labanda-Jaramillo; Henry Paul Saraguro Calle; Luis Miguel Gutierres Camacho42. Enhancing Zero Trust Security In Edge Computing Environments: Challenges and SolutionsFiza Ashfaq; Abdul Ahad; Mudassar Hussain; Ibraheem Shayea; Ivan Miguel Pires50. Language Policy In The Social Media - Efforts To Revitalize Indigenous Languages In PeruFrederik Schruba; MARCELO LEON; Rene Faruk Garzozi-Pincay; Darlys Sares52. Information Economy For Hte Fitness of Ointelligent AlgorithmsMiguel Angel Jimenez Garcia; Richard de Jesus Gil Herrera53. The Importance of A Framework For The Implementation of Technologies Supporting Talent ManagementHelena Ferreira; Arnaldo Santos; Henrique Mamede Session Chair: Ana Cristina dos Santos Arromba Dinis6. Pid Auto Tuning of Industrial Controllers Using The Relay Feedback MethodElizabeth Salazar-Jácome; Wilson Sánchez-Ocaña; Ana Tulcán-Pastas; José Tustón-Castillo9. Cybersecurity Risks In Health Data and Measures To TakeDaniel Jorge Ferreira; Henrique São Mamede; Nuno Mateus-Coelho51. Social Media Use: How Does Critical Consumption of News Impact Voting Persuasion In Angola?Ivânia Silva; Mijail Naranjo-Zolotov63. Bridging The Digital Divide: A Study On The Feasibility of Smart University Integration In Timor-LesteRita Pires Soares; Ramiro Gonçalves; Ana Briga-Sá; José Martins; Frederico Branco70. Digital Media Doctorates: Trends, Methodologies and ContributionsFrancisca Rocha Lourenço; Lorena Sousa; Nelson Zagalo; Oksana Tymoshchuk; Mónica Silva; Fábio Ferreira; Lídia Oliveira72. A Unified Approach To Real-Time Public Transport Data ProcessingJuraj Lazúr; Jiří Hynek; Tomáš Hruška74. Towards Transparent Governance: Unifying City Councils Decision-Making Data Processing and VisualizationKristýna Zaklová; Jiří Hynek; Tomáš Hruška82. Samsef: An Agile Software Maintenance Leveraging Scrum Framework For Improved Efficiency and EffectivenessMuhammad Ali; Sehrish Munawar Cheema; Ammerha Naz; Ivan Miguel Pires171. Predictive Process Mining - A Systematic Literature ReviewEduardo Silva; Goreti Marreiros
Session Chair: Fernando Moreira14. Computer Systems Analysis Focused On The Detection of Violence Against Women: Challenges In Data ScienceMariana Carolyn Cruz-Mendoza; Roberto Ángel Melendez-Armenta; María Cristina López-Méndez; Narendra Velázquez-Carmona46. Solving The Relational Data Access Problem With Data Access ServicesKen Wang55. Semantic Analysis of Api Blueprint and Openapi SpecificationNikolas Jíša; Robert Pergl83. Blockchain Adoption In Education With Enhancing Data PrivacyKhadeejah Abdullah; Kassem Saleh; Paul Manuel93. Unlocking Education Together: A Meta-Model Emphasizing Usability and Reuse of Open Educational ResourcesAntonio Bucchiarone; Andrea Vázquez-Ingelmo; Alicia García-Holgado; Francisco José García-Peñalvo; Gianluca Schiavo; Roberto Therón98. Synergizing First-Principles and Machine Learning: Predicting Steel Flatness In The Era of Digital Twins and Physics-Informed IntelligenceNils Hallmanns; Alexander Dunayvitser; Hagen Krambeer; Andreas Wolff; Christoph Evers; Pavel Adamyanets; Colin Goffin; Monika Feldges109. Applying Devops Practices For Machine Learning: Case Study Predicting Academic PerformancePriscila Valdiviezo-Diaz; Daniel Guamán113. Azure Kubernetes Services Webrouting AddonAndra-Isabela-Elena Ciobanu; Eugen Borcoci; Marius Constantin Vochin; Serban Georgica Obreja119. Open Software Catalogue – Supporting The Management of Research SoftwareMarcin Wolski; Jan Todek; Maciej Łabędzki; Bartosz Walter Session Chair: Goreti Marreiros22. Target-Vs-One and Target-Vs-All Classification of Epilepsy Using Deep Learning TechniqueAdnan Amin; Feras Al-Obeidat; Nasir Ahmed Algeelani; Ahmed Shudaiber; Fernando Moreira67. Stock Market Prediction: Integrating Explainable Ai With Conv2d Models For Candlestick Image AnalysisJoao Euko; Flavio Santos77. Resources Optimization and Value-Based Prioritization For At Risk Cultural Heritage Assets ManagementUlysse Rosselet; Cédric Gaspoz79. Integrating An Advanced Evolutionary Intelligence System Into The Internal Contracting Operations At Centro Hospitalar Universitário Lisboa Central.João Melo e Castro; José Néves; Teresa Magalhães; Magda Reis80. The Role of Online Product Information In Enabling Electronic Retail/e-TailingAbdallah Houcheimi; József Mezei90. A Comparative Assessment of Wrappers and Filters For Detecting Cyber IntrusionsHoussam Zouhri; Ali Idri91. Multiclass Intrusion Detection In Iot Using Boosting and Feature SelectionAbderrahmane Hamdouchi; Ali Idri97. Exploring The Performance of Large Language Models For Data Analysis Tasks Through The Crisp-Dm FrameworkNurlan Musazade; József Mezei; Xiaolu Wang99. Multi-Class Model To Predict Pain On Lower Limb Intermittent Claudication PatientsRafael Martins; Luís Conceição; Gustavo Corrente; William Xavier; Julio Souza; Alberto Freitas; Goreti Marreiros Session Chair: Sarah Ayad

7880. Semantic Blockchain: Data Breach Detection Model

Kainat Ansar, Mansoor Ahmed, Muhammad Irfan Khalid and Markus Helfert

9573. Leveraging Blockchain Technologies for Secure and Efficient Patient Data Management in Disaster Scenarios

Muhammad Irfan Khalid, Mansoor Ahmed, Kainat Ansar and Markus Helfert

3830. Cost Effective Predictive Track Maintenance

Sri Harikrishnan, Verena Dorner and Shahrom Sohi

5165. Promoting Inclusion in the Brazilian Educational Scenario: Actions for Teacher Training

Cibelle Amato, Valeria Farinazzo Martins, Cibele Spigel, Maria Angelica Couto and Gerson Muitana

1585. A Conceptual Architecture for Building Intelligent Applications for Cognitive Support in Dementia Care

Ana Beatriz Silva and Vitor Santos

588. Improving Customer Service through the Use of Chatbot at Enma Spa, Huancayo, Peru

Elvis Araujo, Diana Javier and Daniel Gamarra

4525. Deep Learning Approaches for Socially Contextualized Acoustic Event Detection in Social Media Posts

Vahid Hajihashemi, Abdorreza Gharahbagh, Marta Ferreira, José Machado and João Manuel R. S. Tavares

5275. Abnormal Action Recognition in Social Media Clips Using Deep Learning to Analyze Behavioral Change

Abdorreza Gharahbagh, Vahid Hajihashemi, Marta Ferreira, José Machado and João Manuel R. S. Tavares

8223. Exploring Software Quality through Data-driven Approaches and Knowledge Graphs

Raheela Chand, Saif Ur Rehman Khan, Shahid Hussain, Wen-Li Wang, Mei-Huei Tang and Naseem Ibrahim

Session Chair: Ivan Pires59. Comprehensive Analysis of Feature Extraction Methods For Emotion Recognition On Motor Imagery From Multichannel Eeg RecordingsAmr F. Mohamed; Vacius Jusas62. Defining The “Smart Hospital”: A Literature ReviewLeonidas Anthopoulos; Maria Karakidi; Dimitrios Tselios88. Incidence Assessment of Diabetes By Delegation In The United Mexican States Applying The Multilayer Perceptron Neural NetworkHubet Cárdenas Isla; Rodrigo Leonardo Reyes Osorio; Adrián Jacobo Rojas; Ashlee Robles-Gallegos; Bogart Yail Márquez Lobato89. Human-Machine Interface Based On Electromyographic (emg) Signals Aimed At Limb Rehabilitation For Diabetic PatientsHubet Cárdenas Isla; Bogart Yail Márquez Lobato; Ashlee Robles-Gallego; José Sergio Magdaleno-Palencia143. Advancing Cardiovascular Imaging: Deep Learning-Based Analysis of Blood Flow Displacement Vectors In Ultrasound Video Sequences.Ouissal KRIKER; Asma BEN ABDALLAH; Nidhal BOUCHEHDA; Mohamed Hedi BEDOUI156. Deep Learning For Healthcare: A Web-Microservices System Ready For Chest Pathology DetectionAndres Quevedo; Federico Dominguez; Enrique Pelaez; Hamed Behzadi-khormouji157. Control of Respiratory Ventilators Using Boussignac ValveZbigniew Szkulmowski; Sławomir Grzelak; Michał Joachimiak; Sebastian Meszyński; Marcin Schiller; Oleksandr Sokolov160. Deep Learning Brain Mri Segmenting and 3d Reconstruc-Tion: Evaluation of Hippocampal Atrophy In Mesial Temporal Lobe EpilepsyAymen Chaouch; Asma Ben Abdallah; Laurent Payen; Badii Hmida; Hedi Bedoui192. The Challenges of Blockchain In Healthcare EntrepreneurshipMaria Sousa; Miguel Sousa; Alvaro Rocha Session Chair: Joanna Ochelska-Mierzejewska

5073. The perception of young university students regard-ing digital influencers and their use in brand com-munication strategies

António Cardoso, Manuel Sousa Pereira, Jorge Esparteiro Garcia, Jorge Figueiredo, Isabel Oliveira and Alvaro Cairrão

9617. Online shopping using digital platforms: before, during, and after the COVID-19 pandemic

Ana Aleixo, Elvira Vieira,  Ana Pinto Borges, Bruno Miguel Vieira, Amélia Brandão and Jorge Garcia

1340.  Title: The influence of Tik Tok in Portuguese millennials’ footwear consumer behaviour

Alexandre Duarte and Luis Mouzinho

4457. The impact of using digital platforms and sharing online experiences on the reputation of a company

Beatriz Pereira, Gabriela Brás, Elvira Vieira, Ana Pinto Borges, Bruno Miguel Vieira and Mnauel Fonseca

920. Activating a brand through Digital Marketing: the case of ‘Os Bonitos’

Sara Rocha and Alexandra Leandro

1965. Social Marketing: Importance for the Sustainability of Third Sector Organizations

Susana Fonseca, Filipe Duarte, Ana Branca Carvalho, Ana Guia, Maria José Madeira and Geisa Machado

2206.The Impact of Process Automation on Employee Performance

Maria João Luz, Manuel José Serra da Fonseca, Jorge Esparteiro Garcia and José Gabriel Andrade

3124. Effect of social media on workplace procrastination among employees in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Suada Pestek, Almir Pestek and Amra Kozo

8455. Artificial Intelligence and the challenges of Digital Marketing

Pedro Almeida, Victor Tavares, Alvaro Cairrão, Manuel Sousa Pereira, António Cardoso and Jorge Esparteiro Garcia

5616. Challenges of using e-commerce in Bosnia and Herzegovina from the perspective of online store owners

Almir Pestek and Nadija Hadzijamakovic

6018. Analyzing São Paulo's Place Branding Positioning in Promotional Videos (2017-2019)

José Gabriel Andrade, Adriano Sampaio, Jorge Esparteiro Garcia, Alvaro Cairrão and Manuel José Serra da Fonseca

Session Chair: Wegene Demeke38. Artificial Intelligence Cyberattacks In Red Teaming: A Scoping ReviewMays Al-Azzawi; Dung Doan; Tuomo Sipola; Jari Hautamäki; Tero Kokkonen54. Refining Cyber Situation Awareness With Honeypots In Case of A Ransomware AttackJouni Ihanus; Tero Kokkonen; Timo Hämäläinen65. Distribution of Invalid Users On An Ssh ServerKai Rasmus; Tero Kokkonen; Timo Hämäläinen114. Third-Party Data Leaks In The Websites of Finnish Social and Healthcare DistrictsPanu Puhtila; Esko Vuorinen; Sampsa Rauti136. Ethics and Security In The Era of Big Data: Innovative Challenges and Educational StrategiesPaola Palomino-Flores; Ricardo Cristi; Edison Medina La Plata; David Paul144. Security Assessment of An Internet of Things DeviceDaiana Alexandra Cimpean; Marius-Constantin Vochin; Razvan-Eusebiu Craciunescu; Ana-Maria-Claudia Dragulinescu; Laurentiu Boicescu149. A Model For Assessing The Adherence of E-Identity Solutions To Self-Sovereign IdentityCristian Lepore; Romain Laborde; Jessica Eynard; Mohamed Ali Kandi; Giorgia Macilotti; Afonso Ferreira; Michelle Sibilla154. Machine Learning For Forensic Occupancy Detection In Iot EnvironmentsGuilherme Deconto; Avelino Zorzo; Daniel Bertoglio; Edson OliveiraJr; Roben Lunardi158. Cybersecurity Behavior and Personality Traits: A Comparative Study of Arab and European SamplesEiman A. Al-Hamad ; Sameha Alshakhsi; Areej Babiker; Aiman Erbad; Raian Ali195. Does A Lack of Transparency Lead To The Dark Side of Social Media? A Study In South Western Europe According To Gender and AgeAndré Filipe; Daniela Durães; Inês Azevedo; João Aparício; Manuel Au-Yong-Oliveira

At "Klub Spadkobiercow": city centre - 77 Piotrkowska Street, Lodz



Wednesday, 27 March 2024
Session Chair: Alexandra Leandro5. Heuristics For Designing Pervasive Game Experiences In The Older Adult PopulationJohnny Salazar Cardona; Francisco Luis Gutiérrez Vela; Jeferson Arango Lopez; Fernando Moreira15. Mental Stress Analysis During Visual- and Text-Based Language Learning By Measuring Heart Rate VariabilityKatsuyuki Umezawa; Takumi Koshikawa; Makoto Nakazawa; Shigeichi Hirasawa18. The Challenges of Learning Assessment In The Age of Artificial IntelligenceBruno F. Gonçalves; Maria Raquel Patricio; Amália Cutane Comiche20. Oqkay: A Semi-Automatic System Approach To Question ExtractionKayque Lucas Santana dos Santos; Aluisio José Pereira; Leandro Marques Queiros; Carlos José Pereira da Silva; Alex Sandro Gomes; Fernando Moreira21. Building and Analyzing An Open Educational Resource Repository On The Inovaula PlatformRafael Albuquerque; Alex Sandro Gomes; Leandro Marques Queiros; Carlos José Pereira da Silva; Fernando Moreira57. Psychometric Properties of A Scale Designed To Assess Sat-Isfaction and Continued Intention To Utilize E-Learning Among Nutrition Sciences StudentsLeandro Oliveira; Eduardo Luís Cardoso69. A Graph-Based Approach For Searching and Visualization of Resources and Concepts In Data ScienceDavid Morales-Quezada; Janneth Chicaiza71. Software Testing In Ecuadorian University Education: A Debt To The Software IndustryBelén Cerón; Alex Chicaiza; Johana Lamiño; Rolando P. Reyes Ch.110. Empowering The Teaching and Learning of Geometry In Basic Education By Combining Extended Reality and Machine LearningCarlos R. Cunha; André Moreira; Sílvia Coelho; Vítor Mendonça; João Pedro Gomes Session Chair: Bożena Borowska

1942. Impact of preprocessing using substitution on the performance of selected NER models – Methodology

Miroslav Potočár and Michal Kvet

9950.Correlation n-ptychs of Multidimensional Datasets

Adam Dudáš

6920. Performance analysis of the data aggregation in the Oracle database

Michal Kvet

7932. BipartiteJoin: Optimal Similarity Join for Fuzzy Bipartite Matching

Ondřej Rozinek, Monika Borkovcova and Jan Mares

8546. Scalable Similarity Joins for Fast and Accurate Record Deduplication in Big Data

Ondrej Rozinek, Monika Borkovcova and Jan Mares

7018. Impact of preprocessing using substitution on the performance of selected NER models – Results

Miroslav Potočár

7364. Oracle APEX as a Tool for Data Analytics

Ivan Pastierik

1155. Phishing Webpage Longevity

Ivan Škula and Marek Kvet

Session Chair: Łukasz Chomątek58. Cyber Security Information Sharing During A Large Scale Real Life Cyber Security ExerciseJari Hautamäki; Tero Kokkonen; Tuomo Sipola64. Companies Amidst Evolving Digital Media Challenges In Csr Communication. Systematic Literature ReviewZoltán Rózsa; Luboš Smrčka; Jan Kubálek; Jiří Hermann108. Creating Textual Corpora Based On Wikipedia and Knowledge GraphsJanneth Chicaiza; Nadget Bouayad-Agha; Fabian Soto-Jimenez; Mateo Martinez-Velazquez111. Exploring Chatgpt Prompt Engineering For Business Process Models Semantic Quality ImprovementSarah Ayad; Fatima AlSayoud141. Habitat Suitability Assessment of Three Passerine Birds Using Ensemble Learning With Diverse ModelsOmar Elalaoui; Ali Idri148. The Strategy Implementation of Account-Based Marketing (abm) - The Stratio CaseMadalena Abreu; Bárbara Jordão169. Is Chatgpt Able To Generate Texts That Are Easy To Understand and Read?Andrea Sastre; Ana Iglesias; Jorge Morato; Sonia Sanchez-Cuadrado172. Exploring Transparency In Decisions of Artificial Neural Networks For RegressionJosé Ribeiro; Ricardo Santos; Cesar Analide; Fábio Silva173. Industrial Data Sharing Ecosystems: An Innovative Value Chain Traceability Platform Based In Data SpacesJosué Freitas; Cristóvão Sousa; Carla Pereira; Pedro Pinto; Ricardo Ferreira; Rui Rebelo
Session Chair: Isabel Pedrosa

11:30 - Keynote Speaker: Jan Anisimowicz, Chief Portfolio Officer, Member of the Board (C&F SA, C&F LLC), Warsaw, Poland. TalkCan AI and chatGPT substitute auditors?


4068. A Guide to Identifying Artificial Intelligence in ERP Systems in Accounting Functions

Célia Rocha Santos, Graça Azevedo and Rui Pedro Marques

5322. Reshaping the Accountant's Future in the Era of Emerging Technologies

Ana Ferreira and Isabel Pedrosa

6152. Factors Influencing Statutory Auditors' Perception of the Role of Artificial Intelligence in Auditing

Joana Nogueira, Davide Ribeiro and Rui Pedro Marques

2013. Personal Data Protection and public disclosure of data relating to taxpayers debtors to the Portuguese Tax Authority

Sara Luís Dias

7233. Beyond Labels and Barriers: Women's Ongoing Journey in the Auditing Profession

Silvia Bernardo, Isabel Pedrosa and Daniela Monteiro

9416. Promoting fiscal incentives for urban regeneration: Local Government Digital Presence

Ana Dinis

Session Chair: Narasimha Rao Vajjhala16. Farming and Automation: How Professional Visions Change With The Introduction of Technology In Greenhouse CultivationSilvia Torsi; Stefano Chessa; Luca Incrocci; Alexander Kocian; Paolo Milazzo; Fatjon Cela; Giulia Carmassi48. Implementation Human-Computer Interaction On The Internet of Things Technologies: A Bibliometric AnalysisAndrés Pino; Andrés Agudelo; Pablo Ruiz; Alicia Mon; Cesar Collazos; Fernando Moreira84. An Overview On The Use of Machine Learning Algorithms For Identifying Anomalies In Industrial ValvesLesly Ttito Ugarte; Flavia Bernardini129. An Exploratory Big Data Approach To Understanding Commitment In ProjectsNarasimha Rao Vajjhala; Kenneth David Strang130. Assessment of Lstm and Gru Models To Predict The Electricity Production From Biogas In A Wastewater Treatment PlantPedro Oliveira; Francisco Marcondes; Maria Salomé Duarte; Dalila Durães; Gilberto Martins; Paulo Novais132. Emotional Evaluation On Open-Ended Responses With Transformer ModelsPajón-Sanmartín Alejandro; de Arriba-Pérez Francisco; García-Méndez Silvia; Burguillo Juan Carlos; Leal Fátima; Malheiro Benedita142. Fusing Temporal and Contextual Features For Enhanced Traffic Volume PredictionSara Balderas-Díaz; Gabriel Guerrero-Contreras; Andrés Muñoz; Juan Boubeta-Puig151. Big Data Analytics In The Supply Chain: A Bibliometric Review of Scholarly Research From 2012 To 2023Samuel Fosso Wamba; Cameron GUTHRIE ; Maciel Manoel de Queiroz 168. Who Is Really Happier? Re-Examining The Portrayal of Happiness On Social Media and The Persistence of MisperceptionAsma Elfadl ; Sameha Al-Shakhsi ; Constantina Panourgia ; Raian Ali
Session Chair: Edita Butrime78. Radio Coverage Analysis For A Mobile Private NetworkMarius-George Gheorghe; Vlad-Stefan Hociung; Alexandru Martian; Marius-Constantin Vochin123. Tunable Reflector/absorber Surfaces For Next Generation Wireless Communication SystemsSandra Costanzo; Francesca Venneri126. Gender Bias In Tech – Young People's Perception of Stem In PortugalHelena Elias; Maristela Holanda; Isabel Pedrosa152. Digital Technology In Higher Education: Exponential Function CaseJORGE LUIS VIVAS PACHAS; EDWIN CRISTIAN JULIAN TRUJILLO; JESUS VICTORIA FLORES SALAZAR155. Adapting Traditional Whiteboarding For Remote Education Using Real-Time Handwritten Content Detection SystemJerzy Nowiński; Dawid Skurzok163. Studies At A Specialized University In The Post-Pandemic Period From The Students' Point of View: New Realities and ChallengesEdita Butrime; Virginija Tuomaite164. Participating Elementary School Children In Ui Design Process of Learning Environment: Case KidnetMirva Tapola; Tuomas Mäkilä; Norbert Erdmann; Mirjamaija Mikkilä-Erdmann181. Cloud Computing Platforms To Improve Shuar Chicham Writing SkillsPablo Alejandro Quezada Sarmiento; Patricia Marisol Chango Cañaveral; WASHIKIAT PEDRO TSERE JUMA ; Janio Jadan182. Beyond The Screen: Exploring Students' Views On Social Media's Impact In Educationwegene Demeke194. Integrating Explainable Ai: Breakthroughs In Medical Diagnostics and SurgeryAna Henriques; Henrique Parola; Raquel Gonçalves; Manuel Rodrigues Session Chair: Graca Azevedo

3027. From Letters and Phone Calls to WhatsApp and Social Media: The Evolution of Immigration Communication
Jessica Ordóñez Cuenca and Analy Guamán Carrión

5990. Visual ethnographic analysis of the transit migration of Venezuelans in Huaquillas, Ecuador.
Pascual Gerardo García-Macías, Marcel Angel Esquivel-Serrano and Edison Javier Castillo-Pinta

6666. Evaluation of the benefit of Artificial Intelligence for the development of microeconomics competencies
Luis Rojas and Alvaro Mendez

6696. Ethnography of Tourism in Saraguro: Exploring the Dynamic Legacy of Sumak Kawsay in Local Culture and Heritage
Edison Javier Castillo-Pinta, Diego Ochoa and Pascual García-Macías”



Address: Piotrkowska 293/305, 93-004 Łódź, Poland



Thursday, 28 March 2024

1. 8:45 meeting at the crossroads of Al. Piłsudskiego and Piotrkowska Street, near the Unicorn monument,19.4564007,17z/data=!4m6!3m5!1s0x471a35e0f85637a7:0xf421c1eaa70e5598!8m2!3d51.7589821!4d19.4582684!16s%2Fg%2F11hyj8p973?entry=ttu,+B14,+W%C3%B3lcza%C5%84ska,+%C5%81%C3%B3d%C5%BA/@51.7533107,19.4472688,15z/data=!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x471a35e0f85637a7:0xf421c1eaa70e5598!2m2!1d19.4582684!2d51.7589821!1m5!1m1!1s0x471a34dc57758f43:0x38c2cb0671da06e!2m2!1d19.455403!2d51.7465452!3e2?entry=ttu

2. 9:00-10:00 walk along Piotrkowska Street – including: OFF Piotrkowska, murals, manufacturers' tenement houses, Reymont's Trunk, Tuwim's Bench, the statue of Uszatek Bear, Gutenberg Tenement House, Avenue of Stars in front of Grand Hotel, the passage from Traugutta Street to EC1

3. 10:00-11:15 visit to EC1 (Science and Technology Center) and observation deck with city view

4. 11:15-13:00 walk Kilińskiego, Włókiennicza, Jaracza Streets, Tourist Information Piotrkowska 28, backyard of the Birth of Siudmak Day,  Więckowskiego Street, Rose's Passage Piotrkowska 3, Freedom Square, Manufaktura


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