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WorldCist'23 - 11st World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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Dropout In Computer Science, Systems Engineering and Software Engineering Programs

Student dropout as a decision-making process is complex and conditioned by various factors. Despite the existence of regulatory frameworks and the ef-forts made by universities to implement programs to retain students, the ob-jectives do not always achieve. The Computer Science, Systems Engineering and Software Engineering careers are no strangers to this problem. This arti-cle presents the results of a bibliometric analysis to determine the aspects re-lated to student dropout in these careers. The analysis of keywords co-occurrence shows that, out of a total of 282 keywords corresponding to 48 articles, 41 met the condition. Five clusters were formed relating to the pre-diction of student desertion, teaching systems, retention models, careers and desertion in higher education. The factors conditioning student desertion highlighted in the studies include communication among teachers, usefulness of the degree, cognitive gain, university entrance exam score, gender, place of residence, number of siblings, family income, English qualification, mathematics qualification and administration, among others. Understanding the factors involved in student dropout will allow these to be considered in the strategies for student dropout prevention and student retention.

Sussy Bayona Ore


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