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WorldCist'23 - 11st World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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Evolution of Complex Networks Based On Hybrid and Intelligent Mobile Nodes (nomohi): A New Paradigm Supported By Cloud Computing Services and The 5th. Generation of Cellular Mobile Communications

Complex Networks based on intelligent hybrid mobile nodes (NOMOHi) are created spontaneously to guarantee communications, regardless of which radio communication technologies they use, using bridges (devices capable of communicating in at least two different technologies, such as 802.11 ax and Blue-tooth); the network will be controlled by devices with greater computational power, either within the network, or in the cloud, which would take over. The arrival of the 5th. Generation of mobile telephony, and the development of IoT services in the cloud, directly influence NOMOHi technology, which is developed by in-dependent research groups in Latin America. In this work, the evolution of NOMOHi networks will be described: Computational performance in small objects, Artificial intelligence in the cloud, communications by 5th generation mobile telephony, in Wireless personal area networks (WPAN), links to the cloud, use of Edge and Fog computing. NOMOHi Network Applications are broad: Machine to machine, Wireless sensor networks, Intra Vehicular networks, Inter-net of things, Emergency communications in Rural areas and Support for intelligent services in times of COVID-19. Finally, the bases for the new generation of NOMOHi networks will be proposed.

Juan Jose Martinez Castillo
Acantelys Research Group and Universidad Rafael Belloso Chacin, URBE Venezuela


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