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WorldCist'23 - 11st World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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And Now What (part 1)? Language Teaching: How We Met The Ert Challenge?

Foreign language teaching in general has been thought of from a dynamic perspective, in face-to-face context learning, where learners and teachers interact immediately and simultaneously in the classroom. COVID-19 and the successive lockdowns were a complex test for teaching and learning in general. The pandemic forced a discourse and methodological change with an urgent integration of ICT in the teaching and learning process. These allowed the incorporation of applications that ensure immediate contact and at the same time are within the reach of all teachers and learners. Based on a survey that led to the development of a questionnaire addressed to teachers, this study seeks to take stock of the teaching of foreign languages, in particular, post-lockdowns. The questionnaire had both closed and open-ended questions, and the data were analyzed statistically and through content analysis. This paper presents the social, demographic, and academic background of the participants and what they considered their difficulties. In short, they revealed that they faced similar pedagogical and technological difficulties as other university teachers, leading one to believe that the Emergency Remote Teaching highlighted the general lack of preparation of university teachers to deal with emergency situations, such as the one experienced during the COVID-19 lockdowns, regardless of the country and teaching context.

Joaquim Guerra
FCHS/CIAC - Universidade do Algarve


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