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WorldCist'23 - 11st World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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Systematized Document Management and Internal Control In The Teleworking Environment

The implementation of a document manager seeks a transformation in the procedures of an organization, moving from an organization with paper-based process-es to a digital environment as well as being able to establish automated work-flows that provide control of the processes that will be systematized, what our re-search will be looking for is to determine the impact that this would have on the new business model based on working from home The appearance of new technologies has brought about an important transformation. Archives have not been left out and this evolution from the traditional model to the digital model has led to the emergence of new concepts such as: electronic document, file or electronic archive, in keeping with the digital era in which we find ourselves. The imple-mentation of digitization and the automation of processes and services in archives have brought their content closer to the user, facilitating access to the collections, and this fact has also guaranteed their conservation. This research suggests that the existence of a relationship between teleworking and job performance and the implementation of a document manager. Therefore, the following working hypothesis is proposed: Forced teleworking due to the pandemic situation has affected workers, having an impact on their work performance.

Douglas Contreras
Universidad Galileo


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