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WorldCist'23 - 11st World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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Verifying The Situation of Cybersecurity In Portugal`s Municipalities

This study presents the results of the application of a survey designed to verify if cybersecurity requirements are being applied in municipal administrations. To check how these information security measures are implemented, we developed a questionnaire containing the leading cyber security checkpoints related to local IT administration. These checkpoints were elaborated based on recommendations from institutions specialized in cybersecurity, scientific literature, and current legislation. The conformity or not of the questions formulated in this survey aims to provide a panorama of the current situation about information security. Furthermore, the analysis of the survey answers by the municipalities made it possible to reveal the stage they are at concerning the practices desired to implement secure and effective cybersecurity in the operation of their information systems. Therefore, we can prepare specific reports based on the municipalities' answers. Furthermore, we can identify the gaps that need to resolve, recommendations on how they can mitigate the risks involved in their cybersecurity, and measures for compliance with the legislation in force regarding the cybersecurity discipline.

Teofilo T. Branco Jr
University of Minho

Isabel Celeste da Fonseca
Universidade do Minho


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