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WorldCist'23 - 11st World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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Using Sentiment Analysis To Explore Student Feedback: A Lexical Approach

Given the increasing abundance of online courses over the last couple of years, new forms of student feedback, which are less frequently used by teachers, have been generated in massive amounts. Nonetheless, extracting and processing this student generated content manually is costly and time consuming. In this respect, our objective in this paper is to propose a lexical-based approach that can predict the underlying sentiments of each student review, thus, enabling teachers to assess to what extent are students satisfied with the online learning resources and teaching practices. To enhance the performance of the proposed approach, a new education sentiment lexicon was built and incorporated into the model. After its implementation on a da-taset that was extracted from the Web, this sentiment analysis lexical ap-proach has proven to correctly predict the sentiment polarities of the great majority of student feedback.

Rdouan Faizi
Mohammed V University in Rabat


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