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WorldCist'23 - 11st World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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The Transformation of The Digital Communication of Educational Organizations In The Pandemic Period: New Practices and Challenges

The digital transformation caused by COVID-19 broke with classic communication models and brought about profound changes in institutional and marketing communication in educational organizations. In order to respond to this transformation, educational organizations had to quickly change and adapt different communication strategies in view of the current pandemic context. This article specifically focuses on the description of the transformation of digital communication that took place in two private education educational organizations in Portugal, before the pandemic (January-March 2020) and during the pandemic/confinement (March-June 2020). Following a quantitative and qualitative methodology, in the form of a multiple case study, we focused on listening through semi-structured interviews with directors, IT and communication technicians and questionnaire surveys with parents (n=172) of both educational institutions. The results indicate that the crisis context raised by the COVID-19 pandemic reinforced the role of communication in the educational organizations under study and that the challenges imposed by the pandemic situation resulted in profound changes in the way of communicating between stakeholders.

Inês Miguel
ISCTE-IUL; Universidade Europeia - IADE

Márcia Silva
Centro de Estudos Comunicação e Sociedade


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