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WorldCist'23 - 11st World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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Something Is Wrong With Stem Graduation Students: Teachers’ Involvement In Their Citizenship Skills

Explain the apparent contradiction and technological education gap that exists and moves away in opposite directions: embedded technologies, synchronous media, an e-learning solutions as an emerging trend was the main goal, far away from past and present face-to-face teaching, similar to middle-aged monologue. It was possible to reflect also, on a years-long rewind observation, on the way teachers teach and students learn in STEM degree courses, after a year of confinement, in two Portuguese Higher Education Institutions, due to COVID-19 Pandemic restrictions. The first perception challenge to use, was Charles Peirce’ scientific approach as well as PBL and Learnability, always regarding science, technique and the evolution of knowledge, which gives con-sistency to the literature review. The qualitative methodology used in the case study analyses and discusses: why prospective research is unusual and not used very often in terms of scientific publications. Why not use students’ percep-tions to be the technologies for all starting points, to create a potential curricu-lum unit or course, both for teachers’ training and students’ learning? The case study findings reflect students’ concerns about old fashion curric-ula and smart technologies as well as less evolution that blocked the potentiali-ties of Learnability growth and a semiotic way of life to promote personal and professional development. The conclusion is still an open question as it is a risk to create a proposal for technological semiosis, in terms of prospective scientific research. Does it work? It is impossible to know yet, but it is urgent to do something!

Paula Amaro
Polytechnic of Guarda (IPG)

Dulce Mourato
Higher Advanced Technological Institute (ISTEC) of Lisbon


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