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WorldCist'23 - 11st World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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Evolution of Fintech Companies In Guatemala From Prepandemic To Post Pandemic Period and The Options of Fintech Companies As Financial Provider For Projects

On the Prepandemic time most of the projects were financials by traditional banking methods, that means the biggest companies had have receive 85 percent, leaving only the 15 percent for the Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), in the pandemic period financial risk increased and trying to figure out how to survive the biggest companies update them technology for e-commers but SMEs did not have enough money to do it, for that reason they found a solution on fintech technologies. In the post pandemic era, fintech companies begin to have a huge relevance not only as a technology supplier but also as financial provider.

The main reason of this research is to find out if Fintech companies could be financial provider for projects to big companies and SMEs, the outcome shows that project managers of different industries see e-money as a secure payment method and with the fintech establishment on the economic scene they begin to feal more comfortable with the idea of using fintech companies as financial provider for projects in them companies.

This research was carried out under the descriptive method, The tool selected to collect information was Google Forms, in this tool a multiple-choice survey was created, and email was sent with access to the survey. The results allow us to understand that they can be a permanent and reliable source to finance projects of different types of industries.

Stephen David Martinez Mendez
Galileo University

Fauricio Alban Conejo Navarro
Universidad Latina de Costa Rica
Costa Rica

Janio Jadán-Guerrero
Universidad Indoamérica


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