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WorldCist'23 - 11st World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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Chatbot To Assist The Learning Process of Programming In Python

As the technology of conversational assistants advances, new uses and needs arise in multiple sectors, such as training and education. In this work, a chatbot is developed with Artificial Intelligence technology to help and support doubts and queries when studying the Python programming language. This chatbot will be able to respond in Spanish and written form to questions related to programming to speed up the resolution of doubts for beginner users. To create this chatbot library, the free and open-source Rasa framework will be used to enable the processing of natural language and neural networks to answer users' questions. In addition, the chatbot will be integrated into Telegram by accessing a specific account created for this purpose.

Miguel Sánchez
Universidad Internacional de la Rioja

Gabriel Ramírez
Universidad de Medellín

Jeferson Arango
Universidad de Caldas

Fernando Moreira
REMIT. IJP, Universidade Portucalense, Porto & IEETA, Universidade de Aveiro, Aveiro


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