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CISTI'2023 - 18th Iberian Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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Construction Progress Monitoring – A Virtual Reality Based Platform

Precise construction progress monitoring has been shown to be an essential step towards the successful management of a building project. However, the methods for automated construction progress monitoring proposed in previous work have certain limitations because of inefficient and unrobust point cloud processing. The main objective of this research was to develop an accurate automated method for construction progress monitoring using a 4D BIM together with a 3D point cloud obtained using a terrestrial laser scanner. The proposed method consists of three phases: point cloud simplification, alignment of the as-built data with the as-planned model, classification of the as-built data according to the BIM elements, and estimation of the progress. The accuracy and robustness of the proposed methodology was validated using a known dataset. The developed application can be used for construction progress visualization and analysis.

Nuno Abreu


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