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CISTI'2023 - 18th Iberian Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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A Routes Tourist Cities Discovery To Serra Sul Catarinense Through Genetic Algorithm

This paper presents a Genetic Algorithm (GA) for a trip planning application, based on the shortest distance, between a set of tourist cities from Serra Sul Catarinense, in Santa Catarina. The Serra Catarinense region is considered to have great tourist potential due to its altitude, climate, and landscape. The problem was developed based on real distances between cities, acquired through Google Maps. Experimental results carried out in different scenarios - between 4 and 18 cities - the results show that the GA reduced the distance from the proposed initial route by up to 38%. The use of GA allows the tourist to visit points of interest within the shortest possible distance, being a way to facilitate the tourist exploration of the region.

Matheus Lorenzato Braga
Instituto Federal Catarinense

Claudio Fernando Resin Geyer
Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul


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