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CISTI'2023 - 18th Iberian Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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Local E-Gov Mobile Application(s) Review

This study aims to evaluate the adoption of e-government services in Portuguese municipalities, specifically focusing on the usage of mobile applications. Data was collected from 40 of the most populous municipalities in Portugal and analyzed for usage of e-government services such as incidents, traffic conditions, and population alerts through mobile apps. The study found a mixed correlation between population size and e-government app usage, with lower population municipalities showing lower adoption rates. The results suggest that further efforts are needed to improve accessibility and promote e-government services to increase engagement and usage among the local population.

The study provides valuable insights for local government representatives and stakeholders to effectively use and access e-government services for the benefit of all residents. The results emphasize the need for effective outreach and promotion strategies, as well as the importance of user testing and feedback in the development process, to ensure that the applications meet the needs and expectations of users. Furthermore, the study highlights the need for investment in marketing and communication initiatives to increase awareness and adoption of e-government apps among the population.

In conclusion, this study contributes to the literature on e-government adoption in Portuguese municipalities and provides a foundation for future research in this area. The findings can inform the development of effective policies and strategies to promote the adoption and usage of e-government services, enhance accessibility and efficiency of local government services, and improve the quality of life for residents.

Maryam Abbasi

Maria Holanda

Dany Almeida

Pedro Martins

Filipe Cardoso


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